— Q&A —


Q: I’m interested in having a second shooter for my wedding, Is that an option with you?

A: Yes! I have associate photographers available to my brides for their wedding day. Currently, this is an add-on expense but promise it will be well worth it! Please notify me asap so I can arrange to have one for your wedding.

Q: Do you carry extra gear or keep multiple copies of our wedding photos?

A: Heck Yes! When it comes to your big day, I make sure I have A L L bases covered. I carry two cameras on me at all times and have a 3rd for backup purpose along with tons of extra gear and my own emergency kit. When its time to backup your images, I have 4 different methods to storing every wedding until the wedding is delivered. Once delivered that drops to two methods for a year from your wedding date! It is very important that you A L S O do the same once you download your images to ensure they are stored in a few great places. If you’d like your images backed up via flashdrive, they are available for purchase.

Q: Do you offer longer hours? Ex: Coming with when we get our hair done or staying till the send off?

A: Yes! Let me know your “must have” moments & I can quote accordingly if it’s not already included.

Q: Do we need to reserve a table seat for you at the wedding reception?

A: If I am on site with you for 8 hours or longer, a meal is required for dinner. If venues require your vendors to sit in a different room, please remember that we will not be photographing or videoing at this time. So plan speeches & special moments accordingly so we don’t miss those shots for you.


Q: Can we provide you with a “shoot list”?

A: My clients trust me and give me the freedom to capture their love story. Shot Lists tend to hinder the creativity and stop the flow. With that said, I meet with my clients before the event and we talk about who we would like to have photographed for family formals. This is the only “Shot List” I use as every family is different and comes with special circumstances that I want to be sensitive too. I never guarantee a shot or a set of images.

Q: Can we get our images in Black and White and Color?

A: The images I deliver are final. Some images are best shown in Black and White & some best in Color. If the moment works in both you will receive it that way but if you do not, the way I have editing is the best way it worked out.

Don’t see your question here? Feel free to contact me & I can get it answered!