Smith Wedding Sneaks!

Hillary & Drew's wedding was nothing short of perfection! Small back story, I met Hillary when my husband and I lived in Clarksville, Tennessee. We were neighbors and I am so blessed to have meet such a great lady and cherish all the memories we made over 3 years. Okay, back to today! My husband and I got to travel back to Nashville, Tennessee for her wedding at the ever so lovely McConnell House in Franklin! Literally, there wasn't a room that wasn't stunning and well put together. The house, the staff, the wedding, and every detail was amazing. When the vows were said, there wasn't a dry eye in the room (including myself). Their words for another were so beautiful and meaningful. As I sit here and write this short summary of their wedding, I cannot stop thinking how happy I am that my friend found someone so amazing as Drew. Y'all are adorable together and I cannot wait to not only edit the rest of these bad boys but to see where your future together takes you (because I know it will be amazing).

Rachel GronskeiComment