Celebrating 3 Years of Love Stories!

Today Type & Timber turns 3 years old! Here is my journey to where I am today:

Back in 2011 I married my best friend & packed up my things and moved to Clarksville, TN to live with him while he served in the Army at Fort Cambell, KY. Shortly after moving down there, I transferred collages to attend the International Academy of Design & Technology in Nashville, TN (closest college for graphic design was an hour drive!). While going to school two days a week I had a lot of time on my hands to dabble in my passion for photography which is when my hubby bought me my first camera. I started photographing friends & their kids/families and word spread like wildfire. I learned from each session, watched & attended many online photography classes and saved like crazy to purchase new gear that would allow me to grow. After building my photography client list for three years and graduating with my Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design...we made the choice to not continue with the Army when his 6 year contract was up and we moved home to Minnesota where I had to start all over again.

When we moved back to MN, I started working in the Graphic Design industry while still doing photography in my spare time. When 2014 rolled around, I found that couples and love stories was my niche. Not that I didn't and still don't like photographing families and kids but couples had me hooked. Two people and their love story is what I love to tell the story of! If you think about it... the love story is where it all starts... two people in love.. grows into a greater love story of family and babies. In 2015 I decided to make it official and come up with a company name (again...actually my husband came up with it ha!) and register my company with the state. I was SO scared...what if I didn't grow as a business.. what If I cant juggle it all... what If my work isn't good enough?

Looking back on my first 3 years of business, I can truly say I feel grateful and accomplished. I've grown each year as a photographer and I feel ever so thankful for all those who have and continue to choose me to capture moments in their life. The 2018/2019 wedding season makes me SO excited and how it makes me feel inside makes me know, without a doubt, that this is what I love todo and need to continue todo. I still continue to work 9-5 as a graphic designer and run my photography business & feel pretty damn good about juggling all of it along with being a new mommy to my baby girl Ella Mae. My dream continues as I do hope to go full-time with my photography business and hope all of you reading this continue to follow me on this adventure I'm taking. 

January 2012

The husband bought me my first camera & I took that thing EVERYWHERE! I started photographing families & kids.


My First Wedding

Was actually 4 years ago in Destin, Florida! Was I scared? Oh hell yes! 


Because of Him...

I am where I am today. My biggest cheerleader...my biggest fan.

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